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Commercial Framing

Discover the remarkable versatility and aesthetic appeal of Brisbane Water Glass's aluminium commercial framing systems.
Engineered for superior durability and sleek design, they're the perfect solution to elevate both your commercial and residential projects.

Elevate Your Project with Commercial Framing Solutions

Brisbane Water Glass presents the Elevate range of commercial framing systems, boasting a wide selection of widths and configurations, suited for both residential and commercial projects. In our quest to craft superior aluminium windows and doors, we create solutions that blend effortlessly with any architectural design, focusing on cost efficiency and the substantial value our products add.

Our diverse selection of commercial aluminium framing systems offer extensive functionality, encompassing projection, sliding, and folding options. Catering to a variety of architectural styles, from single to multi-story projects, Brisbane Water Glass assures a product that fits your vision perfectly. With our commitment to quality and design innovation, we strive to make your projects stand out, whether they’re commercial or residential.

Commercial window framing systems

Brisbane Water Glass takes pride in bringing you Elevate windows and doors from AWS, the epitome of local Australian craftsmanship.
These contemporary solutions, sporting elegant aluminium frames, come in an extensive palette of colours to harmonise with your interior and exterior design schemes. What makes Elevate stand out is the sheer magnitude of the products — taller and wider than most on the market. They serve as the perfect medium to frame splendid views, draw the beauty of outdoors inside, and maximise the inflow of natural light.
Turn to Brisbane Water Glass for the expert installation of your uniquely tailored Elevate window framing systems.

Elevate™ CentreGLAZE™

The Elevate™ CentreGLAZE™ framing system provided by Brisbane Water Glass achieves an appealing aesthetic balance by positioning glass in the heart of the frame. This versatile system is tailored for both residential and commercial applications, seamlessly integrating with a wide array of window and door systems to deliver a unified look and feel.

Elevate™ Commercial FrontGLAZE™

Elevate Commercial FrontGLAZE™ framing systems used by Brisbane Water Glass, you get an immaculate external finish. This unique design positions the glass near the external surface, resulting in a minimal frame projection. The system features splayed external ledges and glazing beads, expertly engineered to repel dust and water from the frame, all the while providing remarkable resistance to water and weather conditions. With Brisbane Water Glass, you’re choosing a premium installer of the advanced Elevate system.

Elevate™ Commercial FaceLINE™

The Elevate™ Commercial FaceLINE™ framing system, impeccably installed by Brisbane Water Glass, is a sleek solution specifically designed to accentuate the minimalist aesthetics popular in today’s commercial design sector. The unique FaceLINE™ framing brings the glass close to the external face of the frame, contributing to a streamlined, modern appearance. Trust Brisbane Water Glass as your principal installer of this advanced system for a flawless execution.

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