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Double Hung Windows

With Double Hung windows, you're choosing more than just a window - you're choosing timeless elegance, superior design, and unwavering durability.
Experience the harmonious blend of timeless charm and modern innovation with Brisbane Water Glass

Aluminium Double Hung Windows

Elevate your interiors with Brisbane Water Glass’s Aluminium Double Hung windows, a design solution that harmoniously combines style, performance, and practicality. These windows, non-protruding and well-suited for walkways, offer optimal ventilation while adding a sophisticated touch to any space. Our Double Hung windows are framed boldly for excellent weather performance and superior frame strength, with an option for double glazing to maximise efficiency.

Brisbane Water Glass’s Double Hung windows showcase a timeless allure that subtly enhances both traditional and contemporary homes. Their design offers versatile ventilation control, with the ability to direct airflow through the top, bottom, or both sashes. Moreover, they are designed with a unique finger grip groove and cam catch, ensuring enhanced security and easy operation that will stand the test of time. Also, these windows facilitate the fitting or removal of screens from inside, providing added convenience. Experience a lifetime of smooth operation and superior ventilation control with Brisbane Water Glass’s Double Hung windows.

Benefits of Double Hung Windows

Discover the remarkable benefits of Brisbane Water Glass’s Double Hung windows, ingeniously designed to revolutionise your spaces. These windows are highly versatile, providing exceptional control over ventilation – you can open either the top or bottom sash, or both, according to your needs. Their non-protruding design makes them a safe choice for walkways or patios, enhancing your home without compromising on space. Double glazing options further add to their appeal, improving thermal performance, energy efficiency, and noise reduction. Plus, they offer unmatched ease of maintenance with removable screens that can be handled from the interior of your home. The timeless aesthetics of our Double Hung windows lend a distinctive charm to both contemporary and traditional settings, ensuring your home or business stands out. Experience the Brisbane Water Glass difference with our Double Hung windows – designed for ultimate functionality, style, and performance.

Double Hung Windows for Residential and Commercial Spaces

Double Hung windows provide the perfect balance of form and function for both commercial and residential spaces. Their classic design complements diverse architectural styles, while their operational efficiency ensures they’re a practical choice for businesses and homes alike. With the option of top, bottom, or full sash ventilation, you gain superior control over air flow and environment. For residential spaces, enjoy the timeless charm they bring to your home, and for commercial settings, appreciate their blend of aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. Experience the seamless fusion of style and utility with our Double Hung windows, a definitive choice for enhancing any space.

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